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It seems like disaster always strikes when you’re not prepared. Rustic Rumors has emergency survival kits and comprehensive first aid kits to give you a solid backup plan and the peace of mind that comes with it. We have disaster kits for the home, office and car, pet survival kits, basic needs kits, survival tools and bags so that you’ll be prepared no matter when disaster hits. Emergency situations can happen anywhere at any time - the only certainty is that they will happen. Having a disaster survival kit nearby greatly increases your chances of survival. Our emergency packages include food and water, shelter and blankets, first aid and hygiene supplies, necessary tools and safety equipment, flashlights and radios, and anything else you might need.

If you enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, hunting or other wilderness activities, it’s especially important for you to be prepared for an emergency situation. Whenever you’re out in the wild, you carry the risk of being injured, getting lost, or being caught in natural disaster situations. Carrying a spacious and durable backpack is essential for an outdoor adventurer, and should be packed with a first aid kit or mini survival kit. You should also be sure to carry the proper emergency tools, such as safety gloves, a multi-tool like a swiss army knife, and fishing or hunting equipment.

The massive and devastating natural disasters that have occurred over the past few years have show us that there’s no substitution for having your own emergency survival supplies. For the ultimate preparation, we carry bulk emergency food supplies that will keep a family fed for up to 12 months. We also carry other basic needs supplies such as emergency blankets, rechargeable flashlights, and water purifiers. Don’t be caught off guard - prepare for the worst with your own emergency survival kit.

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