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If you’re going out into the wilderness, a backpack is pretty much mandatory. Hiking, mountain climbing, biking and hunting trips require a lot of supplies for you to be sufficiently prepared, and you’re going to want your hands to be free at all times for each of these activities. A durable backpack with plenty of storage space allows you to carry the disaster kits and survival tools you need - and you’ll barely even notice the bag is there.

The Elite Multi Pocket Hikers Backpack has several different pockets so you can be organized and find first aid and survival supplies quickly when you need them. It features chest straps and padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort, plus a reflector strip for increased visibility at night. For heavy rains or flooding situations, our high quality Waterproof Cooler Bag will ensure that your emergency supplies remain dry and protected. There’s nothing worse than wet matches.

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Camo Backpack with Orange Pull Out Flag
This great quality Camo Backpack is perfect for hunters at any skill level. It's camo pattern will..
Elite Multi pocket Hikers Backpack
This is a great quality backpack. We have custom made this pack to allow an individual to store ma..
Multi pocket Hikers Backpack
 We have custom made this pack to allow an individual to store many items in several spacious..
Waterproof Cooler Bag
This waterproof cooler bag is made of high quality material unlike many cheap imitations. This red..
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