Build a Bag

When possible, it’s always a good idea to build your emergency survival kit to fit your own specific needs. A Build a Bag 2 Person Starter Survival Kit lets you customize your disaster kit options to make sure that you have everything you need and aren’t burdened by unnecessary supplies. This emergency backpack comes with all the necessities, including food and water, water purification tablets, radio, flashlight and candles, matches, sleeping bags and ponchos, multi-tools, dust and safety masks, and infectious waste disposal bags. Additionally, you can choose to add either a standard hygiene kit or a deluxe hygiene kit. All of these emergency supplies and tools are stored in a durable multi-pocket hiking backpack which leaves extra room for personal items. Only you know what you need - make your own survival kit decisions.

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Build a Bag 2 Person Starter  Survival Kit
All items are packed securely in our Elite Multi-pocket Hikers Backpack which contains extra space..
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