Emergency survival kits don’t always contain everything you need for each specific situation. To solve this, we decided to stock a wide selection of survival tools for both disaster situations and planned trips out into the wilderness. Our emergency multi-tools are lightweight and compact to make sure that you can carry as much as you need to ensure your ability to survive.

The Compact Multi Function Shovel carries a surprising amount of survival supplies. This lightweight survival multi-tool has a nail puller, hatchet and saw edge, hammer, wrench, bottle opener and compass. Plus, if you unscrew the compass you’ll find a waterproof container hiding matches, nails, razor blade, fishing line, sinkers and hooks. In one compact shovel, you have everything you need to fend for yourself. We also carry a number of hunting knives, bullets and fishing reels to make sure that you’re always prepared to catch your own food.

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16 Function Swiss Army Style Knife
Much better than the dollar store imitations. It is made of highly durable lemar. It has 16 functi..
Compact Multi Function Shovel
This is a brand new item with great features. This lightweight tool has a nail puller, hatchet edg..
Gas Shut Off Tool
Zinc-plated steel tool made in the USA. Comes with light reflective tape for easy location at nigh..
Leather Palm Working Gloves
These leather palm gloves are made to resist hot temperatures. They are flexible and are easy to w..
NIOSH N95 Respirator Dust Mask
These particulate respirators filter out many chemicals. They are recommended for use against a pa..
QuakeHold Museum Putty
Museum Putty is an award-winning product that secures antiques, collectibles, figurines and more f..
Survival Knife Kit with Sheath
This 6 inch knife contains a steel saw tooth blade. There is a bottle opener on the back edge and ..
AA 12V Electric Filet Knife
American Angler Freshwater Series 12/110 volt Electric Fillet Knife includes 110 volt Electric Fil..
AA 6pc Saltwater Fillet Kit
American Angler 6 piece Saltwater Fillet Kit contains: 4"" Saltwater Bait Knife, 6"" Saltwater Cur..
Advanced Armament Corp Blackout Flash Hider 5/8 x 24 RH Black AAC (762-SD, 762-SDN-6, 249-SD, 240-..
Ultra Dot Pana-V Red Dot Black Multiple Reticle UD-PV-35 Please Note: Please check your state r..
Ultra Dot Match Dot Ultra Dot Red Dot 30mm Blk/Satin MATCHDOT Please Note: Please check your st..
Ab Strap for Cables
The Schiek Model 1400ABS Power Lifting Hooks combine a rugged hook with a deluxe wrist support. Th..
Absolute Fixed Daggwe, Red Handle, Black Blade
4.75 in. overall length. Black blade with clip sheath and belt loop. ..
Abu Garcia 170i Series Abumatic Spincast Reel
Modern technology and traditional performance are the hallmarks of the Abumatic Classic 170i. We h..
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